Sun Odie

Adult Gold Dragon/High Elf Wizard - High Inquisitor


Tall and stunning, as all high elves should be. Slightly loopy, as all high elves should be. He can transform into an adult gold dragon at will.


Appointed High Inquisitor of Ayimeth by the Masked Magi after the city was cleansed by the Inquisitor Koragku. He provided a map of Ayimeth’s abandoned dungeons to the Inquisitors Vakel Riash, Jaron Williams, Koragku, and Odysseus when they ventured into it on orders from the Masked Magi.

After the same Inquisitors and newly-joined hero Lander took a teleportation crystal from the Ayimeth prison dungeon to the Ayimeth Palace, they forced him to teleport back into the Ayimeth prison dungeons when they threw the teleportation crystal at him.

He was later assigned as steward of Cairn Castellan.

Brother of Moon Odie.

Sun Odie

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