The hard obsidian clapped loudly under his hooves as Asmodeus, Lord of Nessus, stepped into the dimly lit council room. The other figures in the room bowed to him, their heads touching the cold floor. He surveyed them for only a moment, then signaled them to rise with a click of his tongue.

“The time has come to depose the corrupt and establish a new order in the material realm,” he hissed. "The illusion of power has destroyed the mortals’ perception and clouded their judgement. They turn on each other like wild dogs, unyielding and blind to their own insignificance.

“With death and confusion as our weapons, we will destroy their petty civilizations and bring them to their knees under a new, more powerful ruler!” He smiled. “Only then will everything be set right. Only then will there finally be … peace.”

His laughter boomed through the council chamber and out into the everlasting night.

Three very different Inquisitors, autonomous agents of the Masked Magi, are sent to Cairn Nuru to investigate a simple case of disappearance. When they instead meet an invading army of devils from the Nine Hells, they must work through their differences and travel the divided land of Enderon to gather an army capable of repelling the ruthless invaders before it is too late.


The Horde Awakens

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